Residential Locksmith

Lockouts and losing keys are common and can happen to the best of us. Therefore, if you find yourself that you have lost your house or apartment keys, then you can call our residential locksmiths in Carrboro, NC. Your security is paramount to us. Thus, if you find that your house locks are broken, then call our locksmiths right away, and get the broken locks replaced as soon as possible.

You should feel safe in your own house. Thus, in case of any emergency, you should call us to take care of the locks.

Lock replace & Maintenance:

If you live in Holly Springs, NC. Then you can have your house locks replaced and maintained by our residential locksmiths in Holly Springs. Our locksmiths come fully prepared, and complete their tasks in quick time as well. They have all the necessary equipment in their van.

House Re-keying:

If you have moved into a new house, then you would want to have the entire house re-keyed. Hence, you can call our residential locksmiths in Raleigh, NC. They will re-key all the locks of the garage, the windows and the doors. As they are skilled and have years of experience as well, they will complete their task in a short amount of time.

Site Key Extraction:

Breaking of keys in the door locks is not uncommon. Therefore, if you face such a situation, then you can call our locksmiths in Holly Springs. These locksmiths are licensed and are extremely professional as well. Therefore, they can extract any key from any kind of door lock.

Emergency Lockout:

If you are facing any emergency regarding locks. Then you can call our local locksmith in Raleigh, NC. These locksmiths are skilled and capable of handling any kind of locks. They also bring all of their equipment along with them. And also give advice on different types of locks.

Master Key Systems:

Our locksmiths are trained in repairing and maintaining master key systems. Thus, if you want a master key system for your entire house or for your safes, then our locksmiths can do this job efficiently.

Anti-pick lock installation:

As our locksmiths are highly trained and capable of dealing with different kinds of locks. Thus, they are also capable of installing anti-pick locks. We know how important your security is. Therefore, only the best locks, of reputable brands, are installed on your doors, windows, and garage.

Residential Security Solutions:

We at Swift Locksmith know the importance of residential security. Therefore, we resolve to provide excellent solutions to problems. Our highly trained experts can see all the loopholes, in your existing security systems, and can provide recommendations. Also, we provide layered solutions to all the problems. So that any bad situation can be avoided.

We pride ourselves upon providing cost-effective and efficient services. Therefore, we use equipment and products that are of the highest quality. Therefore, ensuring quality and high standards.