Commercial Locksmith

When a lockout happens then it can cause immense frustration. Also, forgetting keys in a room or the premises of your office building is an unfortunate accident. But you can retrieve it using our locksmith services. If your office or building is located in Raleigh, NC, then you can reach out to us, and ask for our professional commercial locksmith service in Raleigh, NC.

24/7 Emergency Lockout:

We can forget keys when we are in a rush, or drop them somewhere out of ignorance. Thus, you can call out to us. We provide emergency locksmith services 24/7. Hence, whether it is day or night, you can call us and can get any kind of lock opening. Our professionals will reach your location in a short amount of time.

Commercial lock installation:

Whether you have shifted into a new building, want to replace the old locks for new ones, or want to replace a faulty lock for a new one. You can thus call our commercial locksmiths in Holly Springs. They will make sure that the locks are installed on time, and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Key Extraction:

Keys tend to get broken in locks. If something similar happens to you, then you can call our commercial locksmiths in Apex, NC. Our locksmiths are in this business for many years and have acquired all the requisite skills. Therefore, they will extract your key in no time.

Key Duplication:

If you want to have duplicate keys made for all the locks at your business, then you can reach out to our locksmiths in Morrisville. Our highly skilled locksmiths will make your keys using new technologies. And will also customize the keys according to your preferences.

Alignment and installation of Aluminum door locks:

You can hire our expert locksmiths in Raleigh, NC for aligning and installing aluminum door locks. As they are skilled, they will install all the frames, door locks, and handles in a short time. They will make sure that each and everything is working seamlessly.

Commercial Re-keying:

If you have just fired an employee, who tends to have keys to premises. Then instead of getting the entire lock replaced, you can get hire our professional locksmith to re-key the existing lock. As they are skilled, they will do it with accuracy and perfection.

Commercial Security Solutions:

As we are professional, so we also advise on the best hardware and equipment. We deal in products by quality manufacturers, including many brands as well. We also advise on the kinds of locks, and the merits and demerits of each and every one. And also we provide expert opinions on the kind of locks your business needs. Our customer service is also top-notch with great response times.

Our services are of the highest quality, which you will recommend to your friends and family as well. Also, Swift Locksmith is composed of licensed locksmiths. And that is why we are able to provide quality services to our customers.